Plusminus Vibia

The creation of light where you want and how you want

         Plusminus arrives to provide a solution and originality to any type of space, no matter where you have the point of light, thanks to the textile tape with electrical connectivity you can draw and play with light in a unique way.

        Take a look at all the components that can be part of your creation, do not lose detail and contact us so that we can take care of your dream design.

The Belt

     Each strip can be cut to size, accommodates multiple fixtures, and operates with simple plug-in technology for easier installation and connection than ever before.

     As it is adjustable, the strap can be installed taut or loose, and it has a fixed and connect functionality that allows it to be attached to the buckle of each luminaire.
Plusminus Vibia


Luminaires plusminus Vibia


The system is designed to accept a variety of electrical connections. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

Plusminus Vibia connection


The ribbon ends can be adjusted during the installation process to your preference

ending plusminus vibia
Plusminus Vibia sketch

Plusminus creations are a proposal by the designer Diez Office to provide a solution to an endless number of spaces in an original and unique way. Do not stay with any doubt and contact us

Do you want to have your own creation?

Send us the MEASUREMENTS of the space where you want to place the luminaire and a SKETCH or description of the idea you had thought of. If you also add a PHOTOGRAPH of the space you will help us to shape your project.


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