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Outdoor wall lights are ideal for exploring and lighting the façade, as well as terraces, gardens or the very entrance of your house.

There are many types of outdoor wall lights that you can find throughout this page or you can ask us which is the one that can best adapt to your type of facade and especially the type of lighting you want to achieve with it: focal light, direct, indirect, bidirectional, ambient... The models in outdoor lighting are very varied and it all depends on the use you want to give them. If you want to create a relaxed atmosphere on a porch or walk the perimeter of a wall.

The important thing in this type of outdoor lighting is that they can withstand the different inclement weather, be it rain, frost, hail or the sun itself. The materials and finishes in which they are composed must be special and have a high IP protection.

If you are thinking of acquiring an outdoor wall light, do not hesitate and let our experts advise you, we have a wide range of wall lights in the best lighting brands.

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