These are a detached lighting brand that stands out for its compromise with innovative design and exceptional quality.

With a wide range of contemporary lighting fixtures, we offer unique lighting solutions that combine exceptional style and functionality. Our products reflect a creative vision and meticulous attention to detail, converted into a preferred choice to illuminate and embellish our spaces with elegance and sophistication. These are a brand that shows a trend in the world of design lighting.

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Lodes is a prestigious lighting company based in Italy that has been prominent in the world of luminaire design since its founding in 1950. With a focus on excellence, creativity and innovation, Lodes has built a solid reputation in the industry of lighting and has become a benchmark in the creation of high-quality luminaires and avant-garde design.

  • Volum

The Volum collection by Lodes stands out for its versatility and contemporary style. These suspension luminaires feature blown glass shades that resemble floating bubbles. The modular design allows you to create unique and personalized configurations, adapting to different spaces and needs. Volum combines glass craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, creating soft and attractive lighting.

  • Tidal

The Tidal collection by Lodes is inspired by the organic shapes of nature and features suspension luminaires with curved and sinuous shades. These unique shapes allow light to filter in softly and harmoniously, creating a cozy atmosphere. Tidal is ideal for those looking for a touch of elegance and nature-inspired design in their spaces.

  • Elara

The Elara collection by Lodes is an expression of luxury and sophistication. These suspension luminaires feature cut glass shades that create dazzling and captivating light effects. The geometric design and refined details make Elara a perfect choice for spaces looking for a touch of glamor and opulence.

  • Flar

The Flar collection by Lodes stands out for its simplicity and elegance. These suspension luminaires feature metal shades that resemble elegant floor lamps. The minimalist design allows for effective directional lighting and adds a touch of modernity to any space. Flar is ideal for contemporary spaces and for those looking for functional and stylish lighting.

  • Random

The Random collection by Lodes is an expression of creativity and originality. These suspension luminaires feature blown glass shades that have a unique, organic shape reminiscent of soap bubbles. The light is dispersed softly and evenly through the glass, creating an ethereal and fascinating atmosphere. Random is a perfect choice for spaces looking for artistic lighting and a unique aesthetic.

Each of these collections reflects Lodes' dedication to innovative design and exceptional quality. Its luminaires not only provide effective lighting, but are also pieces of art that enhance the aesthetics and atmosphere of any space. The versatility of its designs allows customers to find the perfect luminaire to suit their specific style and needs, making Lodes a preferred choice in the world of designer lighting.

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