Founded in 1973 by Tommaso Cimini, the company has stood out for combining functionality with aesthetics in its products, creating innovative lighting solutions.

LUMINA products are often characterized by clean lines, high-quality materials, and a focus on versatility. The brand has collaborated with several leading designers to create lamps and lighting systems that blend harmoniously into various environments, from residential spaces to commercial and corporate environments.

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LUMINA, the iconic Italian lighting brand, has been a beacon of innovation and design since its founding in 1973 by visionary Tommaso Cimini. Based in Milan, the heart of Italian design, the brand has left a lasting mark on the lighting industry, masterfully fusing sophisticated aesthetics with contemporary functionality.

Since its earliest days, LUMINA has been committed to challenging the conventional boundaries of lighting design, constantly seeking excellence in its products. The firm is distinguished by its focus on quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, elements that have consolidated its position as a leader in the global market.

LUMINA's motto, "La luz è vita" (Light is life), encapsulates the essence of its mission: to illuminate not only physical spaces, but also experiences and emotions. The firm has cultivated a holistic approach to lighting design, recognizing its impact beyond mere practical function.

The LUMINA product range is a symphony of elegance and versatility. From table and floor lamps to architectural lighting systems, each piece is a masterpiece that fuses contemporary aesthetics with the timelessness of Italian design. High-quality materials, such as aluminum and stainless steel, are combined with clean lines and sculptural shapes, creating pieces that are both art objects and light sources.

Continuous collaboration with world-renowned designers has been a key pillar in the evolution of the brand. LUMINA has forged creative alliances with talents such as Foster + Partners, Walter Maria de Silva and Emanuele Ricci, among others. These collaborations have led to unique creations that not only meet the most demanding aesthetic standards, but also incorporate innovative technical solutions.

Environmental preservation also occupies a prominent place in LUMINA's philosophy. The brand strives to integrate sustainable practices at all stages of production, from material selection to manufacturing processes. This environmental awareness reflects the brand's commitment not only to aesthetics and functionality, but also to social and environmental responsibility.

In short, LUMINA has set an exceptional standard in the world of lighting, fusing the rich tradition of Italian design with the cutting edge of contemporary innovation. Through its dedication to quality, creativity and sustainability, the brand continues to illuminate not only spaces, but also the path to the future of lighting design.

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