Roger Pradier®, exterior lighting par excellence

Renowned French outdoor lighting brand with more than 100 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-quality luminaires.

The company has earned a strong reputation in the industry for its commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and elegant design. Roger Pradier offers a wide range of outdoor luminaires that combine functionality and aesthetics, making them the preferred choice for illuminating and beautifying gardens, patios, terraces and outdoor spaces in general.

Their products reflect a fusion of tradition and modernity, and are ideal for those looking for high-quality outdoor lighting with a touch of French sophistication.

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Roger Pradier is a French outdoor lighting company with a rich history dating back more than a century. Since its founding in 1910, the brand has been synonymous with quality, exceptional craftsmanship and elegant design in the world of lighting. With a passion for creating luminaires that illuminate and enhance outdoor spaces, Roger Pradier has become a reference in the industry.

One of the company's highlights is its commitment to traditional craftsmanship. Each Roger Pradier luminaire is manufactured with meticulousness and attention to detail in its workshops in France. Highly skilled craftsmen work with a variety of high-quality materials, such as aluminum, brass and copper, to create luminaires that are durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Among Roger Pradier's most iconic products are:

  • Tetra

The Tetra collection by Roger Pradier is known for its modern and minimalist design. These luminaires have clean lines and geometric shapes that integrate perfectly into the exterior architecture. Tetra provides effective ambient lighting and adds a contemporary touch to outdoor spaces.

  • Avenue

Roger Pradier's Avenue collection is inspired by classic elegance. These luminaires feature refined designs and stylized details that add a touch of glamor to outdoor settings. Avenue is ideal for illuminating porches, pergolas and terraces, creating a sophisticated atmosphere.

  • Belcour

The Belcour collection by Roger Pradier is characterized by its organic and natural design. These pendant luminaires feature shades that resemble leaves and branches, creating a unique aesthetic inspired by nature. Belcour is perfect for those looking for outdoor lighting that combines with wooded environments and gardens.

  • Hogar

Roger Pradier's Home collection offers a variety to illuminate and beautify outdoor living areas. Home brings warmth and style to outdoor gatherings, terraces and porches, providing soft and welcoming lighting.

Excellence in the manufacturing and design of its products has led Roger Pradier to be an internationally renowned brand in outdoor lighting. Its luminaires are appreciated for their durability, beauty and ability to create cozy and elegant environments in outdoor spaces. The brand continues to innovate and adapt to current trends while maintaining its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Roger Pradier is the preferred choice for those looking for high-quality outdoor lighting that will stand the test of time with elegance and style.

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