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The functionality of Vibia lies in creating beautiful atmospheres through lighting designed to the millimeter to generate a great impact on the experience of any user.

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Vibia was born in 1987 in Barcelona, ​​and has been characterized as a firm of innovative and unique lamps, easily recognizable nationally and internationally.

The range of Vibia lamps progresses and evolves to respond to the needs of interior design, aspiring to lead the lighting revolution to go one step further than light and be able to create a totally unique composition in a specific space, putting the focus on what we, as users, excite us, want and make us feel good.


Vibia's designs

Vibia offers more than 70 designs, many of them customizable and versatile, capable of adapting to any environment according to our preferences. We offer a brief overview of some of their models but you will find the complete section in the Vibia section.

  • Wireflow

In any of its versions, it results in a minimalist aConfigure your Plusminusnd geometric renewal of the chandeliers where the protagonist is the transparency and simplicity of its graphic essence.

  • Mayfair

Luminaire available in pendant, floor and table model. The latter reinvented in a mini version of easy handling and adaptability. All of them are inspired by the traditional 19th century bouillotte table lamp.

  • Duo

Only in the ceiling light version, Duo is a perfect mix of natural contrasts in metallic wrappers, spectacular to enjoy live.

  • Flamingo

Aesthetics and poetry cohesive in up to 8 models, so that a luminaire does not define the environment, but rather the user chooses the lamp that best suits their room.

  • Skan

Skan pendant lamps are the renewal of a classic. With fine, simple and sober lines, they adapt to any project and space.

  • Plusminus

The newest addition to Vibia where the light rail concept is reinvented for a totally creative, unique and personal creation. Configure your plusminus with us.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in harmonizing a space with a piece designed by Vibia or if you do not find the piece you are looking for in our catalogue, we will give you an answer as soon as possible.

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