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If there is good decoration in any room, it is the natural light coming from good windows. But adequate orientation is not always available and there are times with less light than others, not to mention the night time zone. That is why it is also equally important for both our eye and mental health to enjoy good interior lighting.

For a good interior lighting design, we must pay attention to the type of room we are targeting, as well as the type of atmosphere we want to create. Roughly speaking, we would not think of the same lighting for a bathroom as for the master bedroom. Surely for the latter we would think of warm, adjustable, decorative light... While for the former a more neutral, white, technical type of light would come to mind, perhaps even focal but, what if what we wanted when entering our bathroom? main thing is the feeling of being in a spa? Would you still think about the same type of lighting?

Don't stay conventional and dare to create your own interior design environment.

What type of lighting does each type of interior design lamp offer?

  • Floor lamps: Whether in their direct or indirect light version, the lighting they offer is more focal to emphasize a certain point in the room.
  • Suspension lamp: Ideal for presiding over dining tables, delimiting spaces and specially designed to attract eye attention. In their most minimalist version they work perfectly as lighting on the bedside table.
  • Table lamp: Its more focal light works to highlight a certain corner and take advantage of the beauty that a piece of design offers to make the most bland furniture unique.
  • Wall lights: the type of lighting they offer is more generic, but in their infinite variants they can become authentic works of art with the drawing of their shadows.
  • Ceiling lights / Ceiling lamps: Excellent when looking for general lighting of an entire room.
  • Portable: Versatility and comfort wherever you want to use it.

Take a look at our selection of technical lights to find more types of lighting such as Recessed, Tracks, Projectors... the result will not leave you indifferent.

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