FONTANA ARTE, a flagship of Italian lighting design, fuses creativity and craftsmanship to offer luminaires of exceptional quality. Explore our collection to find iconic pieces created by renowned designers and discover how elegance and innovation come together in each lamp

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   FONTANA ARTE, an emblematic brand in the field of lighting design, embodies the excellence of Italian style and exceptional craftsmanship. Since its foundation in 1932, the firm has maintained a prominent position in creating luminaires that are more than mere lighting objects, but true works of art that transform and beautify spaces.

   At the heart of FONTANA ARTE lies an unwavering dedication to innovation and aesthetics, where contemporary design meets craftsmanship tradition to create pieces that transcend time and trends. Each lamp carries the unique imprint of the finest designers and artisans, who collaborate to bring to life products that evoke emotions and delight the senses.

   FONTANA ARTE's collection spans a wide range of styles and shapes, from iconic pieces that have defined the history of design to cutting-edge creations that anticipate future trends. Whether an elegant table lamp to illuminate a reading corner or a stunning chandelier to enhance a monumental space, each FONTANA ARTE product is imbued with timeless elegance and unsurpassed quality.

   For professionals in architecture, interior design, and lighting designers, FONTANA ARTE is a trusted partner offering customized lighting solutions tailored to the specific needs of each project. With extensive experience in collaborating with world-renowned designers, the brand ensures a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics in every creation.

   For individuals with discerning taste and an appreciation for the art of design, FONTANA ARTE offers the opportunity to acquire unique pieces that elevate the ambiance of any space. Whether in a contemporary home or a classic residence, our luminaires add a touch of distinction and sophistication, turning lighting into an unparalleled sensory and aesthetic experience. With FONTANA ARTE, light becomes an expression of beauty and refinement, creating environments that captivate and inspire.

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