• A-Emotional Light

    A-Emotional Light

    Experience lighting beyond words with A-Emotional Light – your source for emotionally evocative lighting solutions

  • Almalight


    Almalight is a leading lighting brand distinguished by its focus on innovative design and exceptional quality.

    With a wide range of luminaires, Almalight offers lighting solutions that combine style and functionality, transforming spaces with elegance and creativity. Their products reflect a commitment to contemporary aesthetics and excellence in lighting, making them a preferred choice for those looking to bring their environments to life with high-quality light and exceptional design.

  • Arkos Light

    Arkos Light

    Arkoslight is a lighting brand recognized for its contemporary design and manufacturing of high-quality luminaires.

    It specializes in creating elegant and avant-garde lighting solutions, as well as attention to detail in manufacturing. Arkoslight offers a wide range of luminaires ranging from pendant lamps and sconces to custom lighting systems, and has gained recognition in the world of interior design and architecture for its commitment to innovation and contemporary aesthetics.

  • Astep Design

    Astep Design

    Astep creates new products for the home – objects that give digital technologies a more meaningful standing in our domestic lives. Honoring evolution in design, we also re-edit iconic objects: timeless works by Gino Sarfatti and Vittoriano Viganò that were born from the same optimistic forward-thinking attitude that continues to inspire us today.

  • Bover
  • BPM Lighting

    BPM Lighting

    BPM Lighting is a prominent lighting brand known for its contemporary design and innovation in luminaires.

    Their products provide unique and high-quality lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces, seamlessly blending style and functionality.

  • Carpyen


    Carpyen is a renowned lighting brand that stands out for its focus on contemporary design and quality craftsmanship.

    With a wide range of luminaires, Carpyen offers lighting solutions that combine innovation and style, transforming spaces with elegance and functionality. Its products reflect a commitment to creativity and excellence in lighting, making it an outstanding choice for those seeking quality lighting and exceptional design.

  • Castan
  • Contardi


    Contardi is a prestigious lighting brand recognized for its cutting-edge design and manufacturing of high-quality luminaires.

    Their products combine contemporary style and exceptional craftsmanship, offering unique lighting solutions that enhance the beauty of spaces. Contardi has become a reference for those looking for elegant and sophisticated lighting with a touch of creativity.

  • Delta Light


    Following the signing of the exclusive global licensing agreement earlier last year, long-established Italian decorative lighting company Lodes and the international lifestyle brand DIESEL, owned by the OTB group, announce the launch of the Diesel Living with Lodes line. 

    Today, the unmistakable Diesel language takes new contemporary and dynamic forms and tells fresh stories through light.
    Discover the full collection on our website now!

  • El Torrent
  • Estiluz


    Estiluz is a prestigious lighting brand recognized for its innovative and avant-garde design.

    With decades of experience, Estiluz has created high-quality luminaires that bring style and elegance to indoor and outdoor spaces. Their products are a perfect fusion between functionality and aesthetics, reflecting a constant commitment to excellence in lighting design.

  • Fabbian


    Fabbian Lamps

  • Faro
  • Fontana Arte

    Fontana Arte

    Fontana Arte Lamps

  • Graypants


    Graypants Scraplights

    Handcrafted from recycled cardboard, Graypants’ flagship Scraplights provides warm, intimate, and functional lighting for any occasion or space. Tough and elegant, each is precision cut with a laser and assembled by hand using non-toxic adhesive, and all Scraplights are treated with a non-toxic fire retardant.



    Outdoor lamps GreenArt

    GreenArt is a manufacturer of outdoor lamps, garden lamps, swimming pools, terraces, etc.

    They manufacture all kinds of outdoor lamps, lampposts, beacons, wall sconces, ceiling lights, pendants and over walls. Your garden lamps are subjected to a high quality control to endorse its strength and durability. (manufactured 100% in Spain and verified in our factory). They are lamp manufacturers with more than 30 years of experience.

  • Il Fanale

    Il Fanale

    The history of Il Fanale Group dates back to 1979, when Fausto Dalla Torre and his wife, Luisa Martin, decided to embark on an extraordinary journey of passion and hard work.

    Based on their decades of experience working with traditional metals, they started the company with the intention and desire to produce unique and original lamps of the highest quality. Dedication, determination and commitment are the qualities that make Il Fanale what it is today: a successful craft company working in the lighting industry, known in Italy and abroad.

  • Karman
  • Leds C4


    In 2020, as the company celebrates its 70th anniversary, Studio Italia Design changes to Lodes, to consolidate our commitment to distinctive decorative design.

    Studio Italia Design has been the premier designer and producer of modern lighting fixtures since their start in 1950. Based in Venice, Italy their fixtures display the highest quality and design standards. They use only the finest materials such as hand-blown glass diffusers crafted in Murano which are then combined with stainless steel, brass and aluminium accents in a variety of finishes.

  • Luce & Light

    Luce & Light

    Designing and producing lighting systems using LED technology has been our speciality since 2007.

    We are proud to be an authentic example of the Made in Italy branding, with a flair for innovation and a profound appreciation of architectural projects. Our lighting fixtures integrate perfectly with both indoor and outdoor spaces and surfaces to recreate natural architectural illumination. All our products are designed at our headquarters in Vicenza, Veneto, where our meticulous creative process guarantees the highest possible quality and the greatest, long-lasting reliability.

    The different experiences that the three partners have brought to the company are expressed through cutting-edge technical design, associated with the analysis and selection of raw materials, a fully in-house mechanical and electronic production cycle, and thorough product testing. The availability of professional advice for your lighting projects, coupled with our deep commitment to after-sales care, make L&L a leading light in the sector.

    For quotations of Luce & Light products contact via email: 

  • Luceplan


    Design lamps Made in Italy, based on a refined process of research and innovation in the world of light.

    The lighting fixtures of Luceplan are a perfect synthesis of beauty, functional quality and sustainability.



    LUCTRA® is the first biologically effective LED lighting range that closely replicates natural daylight to support well-being and performance in the workplace in a targeted and effective way. Each person has an individual biological rhythm. The more closely our daily routine follows this rhythm, the better we feel and the better we perform. Daylight is the signal generator which synchronises our inner rhythm with the natural course of the day.

    The biological effectiveness of the light from LUCTRA® LED office lamps on the human body's circadian rhythm has been demonstrated in a clinical study led by PD Dr. Dieter Kunz. LUCTRA® is the first workplace lamp to have evidence of such proven capabilities. In addition to designer table lamps, the LUCTRA® range includes various models of designer floor and cordless lamps.



    Lumina, a lighting products manufacturer whose main strengths are construction capability and quality control at the service of simple and technological lamps, grew out of the vision of Tommaso Cimini.

  • LZF


    LZF Lamps

  • Marset
  • Martinelli Luce
  • Metalarte
  • Milan Lighting
  • Mogg
  • Nexia


    At Nexia we ultimately seek to convey a clear and direct message: the importance of light, and its impact on our daily lives. Nexia is not only light of exceptional quality and rigour, but also design, technology and quality of life.

  • Pott


    POTT: A Pottery Project is a brand dedicated to the artisanal creation of ceramics.

    Their pieces, handmade with skill and passion, add unique beauty and a special touch to any space in the home. Each work is a testament to art and craftsmanship, making it an exceptional choice for those who value originality and quality in their decoration.

  • Prandina
  • Pujol Iluminación


    For over 100 years, Roger Pradier® has lit up the outdoor spaces of our everyday life with consistency and passion.

    Unique expertise in metalwork: aluminium and
    its 25-year anti-corrosion warranty, stainless steel, copper, brass and others...

    Expert knowledge in all the manufacturing processes: spinning, bending,
    drawing and folding, surface finishing, assembly, quality control.

    An innovative research and design department for whom rain,
    hail or shine all play a role in stimulating creation.

  • Rotaliana


    Santa & Cole is a small, independent and global editor of design products, with its roots in Belloch (Barcelona, Spain). More than eighty creators have contributed to a rich catalogue of furniture and lighting products originating in very different contexts, by renowned designers such as Antoni ArolaMiguel MiláAndré Ricard and llmari Tapiovaara.

  • Secto Design

    Secto Design

    Secto Design Lamps

    Secto Design shades are made of PEFC certified, top-quality Finnish birch veneers that are formpressed into blanks. The blanks are cut into slats, which are sanded and finally connected using rings of aircraft plywood. The slats are glued and nailed to the rings. All the lamps are finished and checked carefully before sending them to their destinations. All the work is carried out in Finland.

    With their clear but interesting architectonic forms Secto Design lamps are spaces in themselves. The light source is hidden inside the shade to prevent blinding the viewer. The warm light reflecting from the birch emphasizes space and creates an inviting environment.




    Slamp devotes itself to decorative design lamps, capturing the most current trends, drawing on the natural world, on architectonic, sartorial virtuosity and on artistic developments, transforming them into luminous objects, which are both suggestive and versatile. This is thanks to the use of a new generation of materials and special manual assembly of parts that, once put together, give life to a luxurious, figurative panorama.

  • TALA


    Tala is a young British lighting brand. We work with methods and materials that are carefully selected for their integrity and quality. Our founding promise of   Conservation Through Beauty   keeps our carbon emissions in check; for every 200 units sold,  we plant 10 trees.

  • TATO Italia

    TATO Italia

    TATO’s design concept results in a new economic and cultural scenario and in a future-oriented tradition of manual dexterity, knowledge of gestures and materials, handicrafts. All those elements that make Italy well-known in the world. There is no industry that can do without handicrafts.

  • TOOY



    TOOY is a new brand of the GIBAS Group that aims to propose, in the decorative lighting market, products which are characterized by their elegance and originality. Under the artistic direction of Corrado Dotti, the new image of the brand proposes a collection of unique products which are strongly identifiable.

  • Troll



    Passion to develop ideas and bring them to life
    Our aim is to faithfully reflect the original inspiration of the Designer J.A. Coderch
    Ideas and designs that are entrusted to us are treated with the greatest respect

  • United Alabaster

    United Alabaster

    United Alabaster is one of the oldest companies in Spain in the alabaster sector located in Sarral (1969). Today it is still a family business dedicated to satisfy the needs of its customers. Our mission is to merge this natural stone with contemporary elements respecting the environment and innovating in its applications. You get everything unimaginary in a white environment, calm and relaxing. The volumes of the stones take all the protagonism of the atmosphere to study by the technicians and develop the best creative proposal.

  • Vibia


    Vibia Lamps




    A lifestyle, a way of being. So is Vondom. Avant-garde In & Out furniture made with passion. Designed by and for dynamic, innovative people, with concerns ... Like you, who enjoy fashion and trends, but who also demand the highest quality in what surrounds you.

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